Monday, December 3, 2012

A Saturday in December - and second chances

Off to the big city again today, and I braved the crowds at the mall for a very short while.

I prefer the mall on quieter days.  I don't like to stand in line for a half hour, I am always thinking about other things I could be doing, like social media or eating at the food court or blogging or anything but standing in line.

Today, though, I got a pleasant surprise.  Several clerks working the floor in a department store actually looked at me and said hello, and asked if they could help me find anything!

The clerks at this one set of registers in the store were just great to be around.  They also said hello, recognized there were people in line and thanked them for waiting, and they actually talked to the customers instead of only each other.  They found nice things to say about everyone in line.  Everyone was smiling, while holiday shopping.  Can you hear the angelic music now?  Yes, it was what seemed to be a miracle.

Wow, what a novel concept!!  Actually enjoying Christmas shopping!  And employees that seemed happy to be employed!  It made the customers happy to shop there!  My socks were, as the saying goes, blown off!

This is a store that quite honestly I had written off of my list of places to stop.  My last few prior experiences there had soured me.  Service, prior to my experience today, was apathetic, disinterested, and they were doing me a favor by being there.  I had not spent a dime at that store in over three years.  Yes, three years.

I happened to be going through the store on my way elsewhere, my original plan was to use it as a pathway to my destination, and I wound up staying, and shopping, enjoying the store because of the attitude and climate set by the people that were working there.

It goes to show, every once in a while, we should stop in and check the climate with people or places where our prior experience was less than pleasant.  People and places can and do change for the better sometimes.        Just like we don't want to be known for staying stuck in the same old place, others don't either, and they may have done something about it.  I would want a second chance, and, I would like to believe, others would like a second chance, too, to show they have changed.

Is it in your power to give the opportunity at a second chance on purpose?  My experience today happened on accident, but it did give me a real life lesson.

Well, Cowman is cooking tonight, so I am off to put my feet up and eat what he cooked!  Yes, Cowman's Wife got the night off!

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